Meet Bryan Mitchell

Bryan Mitchell, founder of this blog, has been working internationally for 20 years, including 11 years spent accompanying and advising students on their studies abroad. He then eventually lived there for 7 years and then spent a lot of time in South East Asia and the Middle East. Bryan knows the campuses, the different study programs and enjoys the confidence of all the universities for which he is the official agent.

With this experience, Bryan provides students with a complete understanding not only of the teaching and university system of each country, but also of all the practical details of life and the tourist opportunities that await students in their future host country.

Bryan Mitchell is surrounded by a competent team, attentive to the needs of students and their parents, and having had international experience. Indeed, for a student between 18 and 25 years old, going to study abroad is often a first and implies leaving one’s comfort zone. The priority of the team of this blog is to be attentive, understanding and to provide personalized support to each student.