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What Is A Certificate of Birth? 

Your birth certificate is that document which proves both your age and your citizenship. It’s an official document issued by the nation’s government where you were born that foreign authorities may request. Countries may seek it for identity, taxation, or even census purposes. The translation must be correct since you may need it as a backup for the personal information you choose to disclose.

If you wish to expand your chances, you might consider leaving the country where you were born. Immigration to another country is a popular choice that might bring up exciting new opportunities. 

If you wish to migrate to the United States and start a new life, there are numerous measures you must follow. Your birth certificate is among one the most critical documents in this process. Your birth certificate is a document provided by the government of your home nation that acts as documentation of a child’s birth. Your birth certificate establishes your age and citizenship at the most basic level.

You will need to acquire your translation before you can move abroad. You’ll need to have your birth certificate translated into English, preferable. It is done so that the authorities can quickly access and examine personal information about you while processing your immigration application.

Who Requires a Birth Certificate Translation

Immigrants seeking permanent residency must submit birth documents that have been translated into English or the official language. A verified birth certificate translation is also required for most immigrant visa applications. 

If you want yourself or your child to be admitted to a school in the United States or the United Kingdom, they will also want a birth certificate translation.

Translation Requirements

​​A certified translation means that your birth certificate translation will accompany a signed letter from a licensed translation business. 

This letter will declare that the service was completed by a qualified translator and that the birth certificate translation is a correct and exact translation of the source document. This certification is legally binding. Any certified birth certificate translation is accepted as valid immigration paperwork. Any inaccurate information provided by the translator will be held liable.

A certified organization must interpret legal documents such as visas, passports, and birth certificates. You cannot translate your own birth certificate. You can’t even get a friend or family member to do it for you, even if they are expert translators. 

Having a friend or family member translate legal paperwork for you is considered a conflict of interest. The format of the translated birth certificate must be the same as the original document. For example, any authenticated seals on the original documents should appear in the translated document and in the same place on both copies. Also a certified copy of your birth certificate translation must be printed on the translation company’s letterhead.

What are the steps to Get a Birth Certificate Translated?

Here are a few simple procedures for getting your birth certificate translated: 

  • Send a professional translation service an electronic copy of your birth certificate. 
  • Please include your name, contact number, email address, the document’s source and target languages, and the document itself.
  • An Officially-approved translation of your birth certificate should have the following information: your complete name, birth date, place of birth, parents’ full names, and an official seal. 
  • Your birth certificate will be translated shortly. The length and stylization criteria of your birth certificate will determine how long it takes to translate. 
  • Every component of the original document, including signatures, stamps, and official seals, must be included in the translation.
  • Your birth certificate is extensively examined for accuracy after it has been translated. Your birth certificate translation is officially approved and certified at this time. 
  • You will need to provide a photocopy of your original birth certificate as well as a certified translation copy in English for the officially approved applications.

When Should You Have the Birth Certificate Translated? 

If you are thinking of applying for a passport or a visa to live in another country, you need to get your birth certificate translated. Upon enrolment, some academic institutions will request a translated birth certificate. 

Various languages have different translation rates in the translation business. If the original document’s format is highly intricate, your birth certificate translation may also be more expensive. For example, the cost may be more if your original birth certificate has numerous signatures and seals. 

Depending on the cost of the translation, you may want to postpone getting your birth certificate translated until you actually need it for an application.


If you wish to migrate to the United States or the United Kingdom and start a new life, there are numerous measures you must follow. Your birth certificate is one of the most critical documents in this process. Obtaining a birth certificate translation is a vital step in many legal processes, including immigration and visa applications, as well as several school enrollments. 

Your birth certificate must be translated into English. For the authority to accept this translation, it must be validated by an authorized translator. The certification process is not complicated, but it might be somewhat pricey depending on the rates of the translation business.

Remember that the translated birth certificate must be in a similar format as the original document, and the certified copy of your birth certificate translation must be printed on the translation company’s letterhead. For any applications, you must send a copy of the original and the translation. 

Once your birth certificate has been translated, you can use it in any future application, bringing you one step closer to a successful application.

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