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Announcing: 1st Ever Lemon Drop Contest!

God Makes Lemonade was created to share hope, but the book isn’t the only way to do that. We can tell stories here on the website too. That’s why we’re excited to announce our monthly Lemon Drop Contest.

We’ll post a prompt every month or so, and we’d like to invite you to pull up a chair at our back porch and share a lemon drop with us—a short, true story about hope. We’ll choose one especially sweet lemon drop from each prompt to feature on our website, and Don will send the author a free copy of God Makes Lemonade. He’ll also send a special gift to a friend of the winner who needs encouragement!

Our First Lemon Drop Contest Prompt:
Now that school buses are mixing into the morning commute and apple trees are bursting with color, we keep finding things that remind us of our school days and some of those amazing teachers and mentors who helped us through. Tell us about a teacher who changed your life.

To enter, simply:
Send your name, a brief description of where you live and what you do, a brief description of a friend you’d like to encourage with a copy of God Makes Lemonade, and answer the prompt in 200 words or less in the body of an email to

Deadline: Friday, November 4.




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