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Don’s Thoughts: Lunches with Mike

Have you read this week’s Featured Story, “Lunches with Mike?” Author Carol Statton is a good friend of my sister, Penny Whipps, who wrote “Kyle’s Legacy” in God Makes Lemonade. When Penny told me about Carol’s story, I knew it belonged in the book. As a parent, Carol was given the powerful gift of being able to reach out to a child living in an abusive home similar to the one she grew up in. The child, her daughter’s friend Mike, thanked her for helping him. Since then they’ve lost touch, however, and she can only hope his life is now on the right track.

I’m amazed by Carol’s ability to live beyond the pain of her childhood. Child abuse is horribly wounding and leaves an indelible mark on children that many carry through adulthood. According to Childhelp, abused children are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile and 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult. About 80% of abused children will meet criteria of at least one psychological disorder by age 21, and 30% of abused children will go on to abuse their own children. Approximately six million children are reportedly abused every year.

We can’t know for sure if our best efforts or intentions will make a difference in sour circumstances, but there’s always hope. That’s what I love about Carol’s story. She couldn’t have expected to meet Mike, but their encounter is incredibly sweet. Carol mentioned in her interview on our blog that since she’s lost touch with Mike, she hopes he’ll see a copy of God Makes Lemonade and be able to see how important their lunches were to her. I’m so glad we can share this story with you—and Mike, let us know if you read this!

Stop by again later this week for another inspiring true story.

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