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God Makes Lemonade
God Makes Lemonade

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Needle in a Haystack

Have you read this week’s Featured Story, Sophie? The author, Paul Griffin, is a good friend of mine and I am so glad we can share his incredible story with you. When I think about Paul’s story, I experience just what he talked about in his interview: hope.

I’ve heard lots of stories about adopted children who search for their birth parents when they reach adulthood. For some, this can be a painful process as they learn difficult truths about their history. And finding parents internationally can be a logistics nightmare akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

A friend of one of my colleagues has a caseworker searching for her biological family in South Korea. On three separate occasions so far, her caseworker has provided her with a file of information on families certain to be her biological parents, only to discover the family is not actually her biological match weeks later. Each time, she has had a few weeks to grow attached to the idea the family in her file is hers. Her friends grieve with her each time she discovers she still does not know her biological family.

After many years of longing for Sophie to be part of his family and wondering if he would ever see her again, it truly is a miracle that Paul was able to meet his granddaughter. I wish I could meet Sophie. I wonder how long she looked for Paul and his family. I wonder how many nights she lay in bed praying she could meet her biological family while Paul was praying for her at the same time.

Maybe you are adopted or seeking to adopt a child. Maybe you just miss someone deeply. You may pray late at night, or someone may be praying for you. You could find that person you’ve been missing tomorrow. Lemonade really does happen, and it happens every day. I know I need to be reminded of that. Do you?

Later this week, I hope you’ll stop by again for another inspiring true story.

Don Jacobson

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